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Mythic Craft is moving!

Legitlike a posted Jun 28, 12
Yes, it's true. The owner of the old Mythic Craft (Damkpg) has shown horrible leadership experience, so we are dethroning him. Meet the new owner of Mythic Craft: KyleLHK!

The old Mythic Craft is doomed to crash and burn, so we are going to incarnate a better variation, with a more mature staff. More information will come soon.
RightsPvP Hey my inecraft took my $20 voucher I bought a custom key and a legendary crate and it wont let me redeem the code
cupcake3535 hi i really hope someone with high authority can unban me as it has been 2 years and i was banned because my friend blew...
cupcake3535 hey there i used to be on this server about 2 years ago and got banned for something that i didn't do. i have tried...
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